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encapsulates the essence of nature, architecture, and the enduring bond between two souls. It embodies the sacred vows of matrimony. A bespoke range that celebrates the harmony of nature's DUALITY while evoking the profound emotions of love.


x Inga Sinkevičienė
a tribute to our core rememberings, breathtaking nature & intricate shapes. Each piece is thoughtfully crafted with ethical silver and hand-picked amber. Timeless and unique, let NOSTALGIA take you away.
2022_05_24 dust x inga sinkeviciene04863-2_edited_edited.jpg
a captivating manifestation of movement and unique shapes. Inspired by the fluidity of whirls and the asymmetry of their motion, a distinct design is bound to leave an indelible impression. WHIRL is sure to leave you spellbound.

2021 Autumn/Winter

EmptyName 28.jpg
the perfect blend of simplicity and sophistication. BASICS feature essential must-haves that elevate your everyday look, designed to embody a sense of empowerment and individuality. Whether dressing up or down, BASICS is the perfect complement to any outfit.

2021 Spring/Summer

EmptyName 74.jpg
a testament to the power of femininity and a celebration of its dynamic beauty. Born from inspiration drawn from strong-willed women and their captivating blend of resilience and romanticism. GLOW is designed to add an aura of sophistication and glamour to your special look with its sleek yet charmingly delicate pieces. Bask in the GLOW and adorn yourself with the jewels that capture your spirit.

2020 Autumn/Winter

2020_11_30 the dust65154-3.jpg
2019 Spring/Summer
an ode to the beauty of unpolished diamonds. Raw, untouched essence of diamonds. Each piece in this collection highlights the organic nature of the stone, bringing a sense of raw beauty and untamed elegance to the wearer. Embrace the beauty of imperfection and add a touch of raw sophistication to your collection with our RAW collection.
2019 Autumn/Winter
inspired by the magnificent artistry of Vasilijus Kandinskis. This collection represents the harmony between the colors and shapes, combined with a contemporary and edgy design. Both timeless and avant-garde.
an ode to the graceful fluidity of water. This collection is an embodiment of the seamless flow of movement and lightness, encapsulated through the use of ethically sourced pearls. RIVER reflects the serenity of water and is imbued with a natural luminescence. A reminder to cherish and preserve the beauty of our natural world.
2020 Spring/Summer
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